Sweet Dreams - Protection Spray

Sweet Dreams - Protection Spray

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Sleep is such an important part of our daily routine. It gives our body a chance to rest, release toxins and complete important maintenance.  

Sweet Dreams is made with high quality essential oils that will help with relaxation, rest and protection.  

Sweet Dreams can be great for helping children who feel scared or anxious around getting to sleep.

Spray around your body, room and bedding before sleep for relaxation and protection.


To increase the power, before spraying, you may like to set an intention or choose a word.

For example, you might set the intention to clear negative worry thoughts and only focus on things you can control.

You might want to select a word like “peace,” “calm,” or “serenity.”

 Whichever option you select, make sure to pause for a moment, take a few, deep, conscious breaths, and move forward with a clear intention!


Sweet Dreams contains:

Pure lavender essential oil which is calming, soothing, relaxing, and cleansing. It can also guard against negativity

Pure lemon essential oil which is calming and purifying.

Pure cedarwood essential oil which acts as a natural sedative and soothes the body and mind. 

Pure clary sage essential oil which supports healthy emotional processing and acts as a general leveller encouraging relaxation in stressful times.

New Zealand sea salt which helps to clear negative energy.

Amythest crystal that helps purify the mind and reduce stress and anxiety.

Filtered rain water that has been charged with Theta healing energy for protection and relaxation.