Hold your Space - Protection Spray

Hold your Space - Protection Spray

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Everyone has a personal energy field around them. It surrounds your body and interacts with other people’s energy.

This can become cluttered and dirty. Everyone picks up energy from other people. Like how shaking hands can exchange germs, you mix energy with people you encounter. Empathetic or intuitive people, in particular, pick up energetic clutter from others. 

Whenever your energy vibrational level is low, you feel low.

Clearing your energy is like clearing the dust and clutter off. You remove the negative, low vibration energy and create a bright, glowing, high vibrational state.

Clearing sprays can also help you clear the negative energy from a space, like your office, studio, or home.

These are all good times to use a clearing spray

  • When you feel drained, down, stressed, tense or generally like you need fresh energy.
  • When you’ve been in contact with a lot of ‘low energy’ people – or just in contact with a lot of people, period.
  • When you’re feeling in a rut or creatively blocked.
  • Before and after having people in your space
  • Before or after meditating
  • After being sick
  • When you have been travelling with a lot of people eg. Plane or bus

 You can use clearing spray any time you feel “down,” but you can also use them protectively. 

You can spray yourself before heading out for work in the morning to increase your vibration like an immunity for energy vampires.

How to use a clearing spray.

Spray above/around your body or your space.

To increase the power, before spraying, you may like to set an intention or choose a word.

For example, you might set the intention to clear negative worry thoughts and only focus on things you can control.

You might want to select a word like “peace,” “calm,” or “serenity.”

 Whichever option you select, make sure to pause for a moment, take a few, deep, conscious breaths, and move forward with a clear intention!


Hold your space contains:

Pure lavender essential oil which is calming, soothing, relaxing, and cleansing. It can also guard against negativity

Pure frankincense essential oil which has been used around the world medicinally and spiritually for thousands of years. It can help cleanse and protect, as well as raise your energetic vibrations.

New Zealand sea salt which helps to clear negative energy.

Amythest crystal that helps purify the mind and reduce stress and anxiety.

Filtered rain water that has been charged with Theta healing energy for protection.