"The spread you did for my husband and I were both so relevant and accurate to our present. They gave us also a positive insight into what lays ahead of an emotionally turbulent time we have had to date. Thank you so much!" - Stacey

"You did an exceptional job reading my cards - you were so on point and confident in what you were sharing with me... my friend and I left happy and with a bounce in our step..." - Diana

"Catherine’s reading for both questions represented some serious truths of which I had told no one. The accuracy, but also compassionate way that she relayed the message from Her reading were amazing. I’m truly thankful I asked the questions and already some of the answers she gave are Coming to fruition. Thank you, for your honesty but the truly caring nature you have answered in." - Sarah

"I loved my day at Stoney Creek Retreat! I would recommend to everyone, in fact I would say it's a must for anybody interested in health and wellness. Everybody there was so inspiring and motivating and the surroundings were just stunning. I took away a wealth of valuable knowledge that will help me to live the healthy lifestyle I've been striving for. Thank you!! I'll be back."  -  Hayley


"Stoney Creek Retreat put on an amazingly relaxing day - Honestly, after a busy and stressful week, it was almost too good to be true to just bask in sunshine, listen to wise women, eat fab food, wander around the hills, eat more fab food, do yoga and envy the massages going on. Impressed and keen for another! Thanks!"  -  Bess


"Awesome place to get away with your bestie/mother/sister for a day or just get some time to yourself! This is a truly perfect special place to re-ground and re-new yourself and take care of you! I loved it!! Thank you!!"  -  Natasha


"Yay – I finished 5 days!!  Initial goal was to get through 3 days…. After a rough start, I feel fantastic!  I have so much more energy, feeling calmer, positive and happier. And since yesterday have less aches and pains in my joints! Now THAT is a huge bonus as I’ve been on painkillers for many months.  And all of this in just 5 days!!?? WOW! Thanks you Catherine for inviting me to your group and for supporting me. You have changed my life – I haven’t felt this good for a very long time. I have learnt so much these past few days which will ultimately help me live a healthier life."  -  Andrea


"Catherine is such an inspirational woman, combining running a thriving business with family, personal wellness, and a passion to share her insights on wellness and living a more mindful life with others. Always something new to learn!"  -  Huia


"Taking time out for oneself in order to reflect and recharge is such an important thing to do in our busy modern lives.  Inspire Health’s retreats can help you to do exactly this.  I attended a wonderful session in May and learned more about the practice of mindfulness and how to incorporate it my life.  I would highly recommend Catherine and her team!"  - Dawn

The reading was excellent, spot on it fact, and I gained a lot of comfort from this.  Thank you for the clarity this has given me. 

 - Megan