Finding yourself - Discovering Spiritualtiy

I am co-hosting a retreat on 18 August called Spirituality for Self Discovery.

This is something I have always wanted to do. I have been on a spiritual journey for most of my adult life but the last 5 years have really intensified. The more I learn the more I know this is the path for me and there is so much out there that I have been missing out on.

So what is Spirituality? A few hundred years ago you would have been burnt at the stake for mentioning it – now it’s a multi million dollar business. Crystals are cool, meditation is promoted in the workplace and there are bookshelves devoted to new age spirituality in the bookshops.

For me, the basis of spirituality is connecting to your higher self. Knowing that you have all the answers within yourself and they are waiting to be unlocked. When you look within and give yourself time and attention you find self love, trust, power and doors will open for you in all areas of your life. Once you are on this path you will find that everything flows.   You will realise that all those “coincidences” are in fact synchronicities that are actually signs that you are on the right path…. and  most importantly you will know how to look for them.

 Those gut feelings you get and the little voice that pops into your head are stronger and you know that you can trust them and go with them. Sounds good right!!??

The hardest part for someone who wants to learn more is where to start, what to do first or where to go to start learning.  

This is why I have put together this retreat. I have teamed up with Melissa from Soul Nourish who is a healer, intuitive and spiritual coach.

We have such an amazing day planned; we will be showing you how to connect with your higher self so you can teach yourself the answers. It’s a pretty unique gift that we can all access.   Are you ready to take the plunge?

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